When The Connection Snaps Between Class and Career

Finding motivation in classes you’re not particularly passionate about can be very challenging for some students and therefore, it can be hard to keep up with the workload that comes with it. It’s never easy for a student to complete work for a class that they’re not passionate about. Some students have a clear path for their future careers, but unfortunately, don’t get to  Continue reading

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Do You Know What You’ll Do This Summer?

Fresh new leaves are budding on the trees, and winter coats are once again being buried in the backs of closets. Spring is rolling around, to be followed by summer. Students are currently starting to figure out what they are doing this summer, and are in the heat of applying to summer programs and internships.

Francesco Leone, a Clinton tenth grader, said he has already applied to several summer programs and jobs. Their mediums range from agriculture to criminal investigations. Leone said, “Honestly, they were Continue reading

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My Home Across The Atlantic: Living In Amsterdam

For most of my life, my home has been New York City. When I was younger, moving across an ocean was as rare of an idea to me as learning a completely new language. But as I got older, my love for traveling grew and my love for New York dulled. When I found out I was moving to Amsterdam, I didn’t feel much besides excitement. Yes, I did miss a few people, but the fact that I was going somewhere far, far away made it worth it.

Within the first week of living in Amsterdam, the differences were extremely noticeable. Continue reading

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Celebrate Women’s Month With These Empowering Female Musicians

As a girl who adores music, important and influential female artists have always been a huge part of my life. And I’m not alone. Throughout the years, women have made countless contributions to music as writers, artists, and producers, and today are seen as a as vital part of that industry. On a personal level, female artists have helped inspire me. Their songs encourage me to be the person  I want to be, and empower me to do and say what I feel regardless of societal norms. In honor of National Women’s History Month this past March, here are some of the female artists who have meant the most to me. Continue reading

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As You Like It: Clinton Middle’s Annual Play

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On March 10th and 11th, the normally bare gymnatorium was decked in cardboard trees and the stage floor was littered in multi-colored tissue paper. These decorations set the scene for Clinton’s annual lower grades Shakespeare play, As You Like It. In this Continue reading

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Column: Regents Exams Are Not Helpful

The Regents Exams are a set of mandatory tests that high school students in New York State are required to take in order to graduate. Teachers must plan their coursework according to these exams since being prepared for the tests determines their ability to graduate.

This need to cram subject Continue reading

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Column: Don’t Blame Your Body For Your Insecurities

During gym class I walked out of the girls’ locker room with a friend who started insulting her body and commenting on how she looked in her outfit. Then, later that period, I listened closely while all of the girls changed out of their gym uniforms and into their regular outfits, and I noticed the negative comments filling the air.

It is no secret that people in high school suffer indescribable body image issues. Videos and social media posts meant to Continue reading

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