Citywide Student Walkout Against Donald Trump

By: Maya Rader

Election or not, Trump opposition is still going strong.

Students across the city walked out of their classrooms to protest Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election on Tuesday, November 15. The walkout began at around

Students who walked out listen to speakers in Washington Square Park // Calpurnia Carter

10:00 a.m. and congregated at Trump Tower on 57th Street. They protested outside of the building for about 40 minutes. Then students walked down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park, where some spoke about the election.

The walkout was organized by students at Little Red, a private school in lower Manhattan. Interest in the walkout gained momentum through a Facebook page these students created. According to Bennett Wood, a tenth grader at Little Red who helped organize the protest, about 1,500 New York City students attended.

In a phone interview with Wood, he stated, “we were all just really upset about the ideas that Trump was bringing up and normalizing in our country.” Continue reading

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The School Segregation That Exists All Around Us

By: Alex Rosado

In New York, the quality of education students receive is dependent on their zip code.

According to the New York Times, “From elementary through high school, New York City children tend to go to school with others similar to themselves, in one of the country’s most racially segregated systems.” This problem may seem outdated, but it’s actually still prevalent, even in a city as progressive as New York. This may seem strange at first, but the more you think about it, it’s obvious: race is connected to income, income affects where you live, and where you live affects your education… which affects income, and so forth. It makes perfect sense that certain kids are receiving a much better education than others, essentially based on their race.

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How To Be Alone On Valentine’s Day

By: Juliette Grossman Smisek

We all know the feeling. February rolls along, and grocery stores start filling up with hearts, teddy bears and chocolates. Everywhere you turn, there are little reminders that you’re a loner. You might not be spending Valentine’s Day getting all snuggly with someone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it just as much anyone else! So get out of your pit of self despair and follow these tips to have a great V-Day this year!

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Sexism in Clinton’s P.E. Classes

By: Alex Rosado

Throughout history, men and women have been separated in the world of sports. Oftentimes, women were not allowed to play, and when they were, they were only allowed to play with other women because of differences in perceived ability. If men and women were to play against each other, it is believed that the playing field would not be equal. Similarly, within the world of physical education, students are divided and stigmatized on the basis of gender.

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When The Connection Snaps Between Class and Career

Finding motivation in classes you’re not particularly passionate about can be very challenging for some students and therefore, it can be hard to keep up with the workload that comes with it. It’s never easy for a student to complete work for a class that they’re not passionate about. Some students have a clear path for their future careers, but unfortunately, don’t get to  Continue reading

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Do You Know What You’ll Do This Summer?

Fresh new leaves are budding on the trees, and winter coats are once again being buried in the backs of closets. Spring is rolling around, to be followed by summer. Students are currently starting to figure out what they are doing this summer, and are in the heat of applying to summer programs and internships.

Francesco Leone, a Clinton tenth grader, said he has already applied to several summer programs and jobs. Their mediums range from agriculture to criminal investigations. Leone said, “Honestly, they were Continue reading

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My Home Across The Atlantic: Living In Amsterdam

For most of my life, my home has been New York City. When I was younger, moving across an ocean was as rare of an idea to me as learning a completely new language. But as I got older, my love for traveling grew and my love for New York dulled. When I found out I was moving to Amsterdam, I didn’t feel much besides excitement. Yes, I did miss a few people, but the fact that I was going somewhere far, far away made it worth it.

Within the first week of living in Amsterdam, the differences were extremely noticeable. Continue reading

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