Celebrate Women’s Month With These Empowering Female Musicians

As a girl who adores music, important and influential female artists have always been a huge part of my life. And I’m not alone. Throughout the years, women have made countless contributions to music as writers, artists, and producers, and today are seen as a as vital part of that industry. On a personal level, female artists have helped inspire me. Their songs encourage me to be the person  I want to be, and empower me to do and say what I feel regardless of societal norms. In honor of National Women’s History Month this past March, here are some of the female artists who have meant the most to me. Continue reading

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As You Like It: Clinton Middle’s Annual Play

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On March 10th and 11th, the normally bare gymnatorium was decked in cardboard trees and the stage floor was littered in multi-colored tissue paper. These decorations set the scene for Clinton’s annual lower grades Shakespeare play, As You Like It. In this Continue reading

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Column: Regents Exams Are Not Helpful

The Regents Exams are a set of mandatory tests that high school students in New York State are required to take in order to graduate. Teachers must plan their coursework according to these exams since being prepared for the tests determines their ability to graduate.

This need to cram subject Continue reading

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Column: Fostering A Positive Body Image

By: Havah Bernstein

During gym class, I walked out of the girls’ locker room with a friend who started insulting her body and commenting on how she looked in her outfit. Then, later that period, I listened closely while all of the girls changed out of their gym uniforms and into their regular outfits, and I noticed the negative comments filling the air: “I gained so much weight!” “I need to get fit!” Continue reading

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English State Exams: Spotlight on Sofia Frugiuele (6th Grade) and Ms. Langbein (6th Grade English Teacher)!

Sofia Frugiuele

Q: What do you think about the state test?
A: It is a test, which is annoying. It’s not really even about us, it is mostly about the city seeing how well the teachers are doing. All tests are annoying because when I’m under pressure, it’s hard for me to think. If I have the right amount of time and I’m in a normal classroom, I can actually think, like, “oh wait what did we just do?”

Q: What do you do to get ready for the state test?
A: I usually don’t study too hard because the Continue reading

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Math State Exams: Spotlight on Grace Abshire (7th Grade) and Ms. Scheide (6th Grade Math Teacher)!

Ms. Scheide:

Q: What should students do to get ready for the state test?
A: We’ve been preparing all year, so we don’t really put focus on the test, but the day of, and the day before, rest, good breakfast, and just a review of your sixth grade skills. I don’t think anybody’s going to have a problem.

Q: Do the tests really affect the students?
A: the seventh grade test scores are used sometimes to evaluate for high school acceptance. sixth grade test scores are sometimes Continue reading

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Winning Isn’t Everything: MS JV Girls’ Basketball Season Ends

After every season, basketball players reflect on their accomplishment and struggles. This includes Clinton’s JV girls’ team. After a painful loss in the first playoff game against The Computer School, their season came to a disappointing end.

The team started off the season against Wagner Middle School. It didn’t end in their favor with a 32-4 loss. Even after this loss. The JV girls team didn’t give up. Continue reading

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